Changes coming to Bend resort in 2016

Plans include new vacation rentals and an event pavilion

By Stephen Hamway / The Bulletin / @Shamway1

Tetherow Lodges in Bend got a head start on its 2016 expansions. In November, the resort broke ground on a series of developments designed to broaden its collection of amenities.

The first phase of the resort’s new vacation rentals is in the early stages of construction. The 22 five-bedroom homes will form a neighborhood of vacation rentals known as The Cairn and are designed to give visitors more options on the rental market, according to Chris van der Velde, general manager of Tetherow. He added that prices for buying the vacation rentals outright start at $714,000.

“I think there’s a pent-up demand for a product like this, because people in Portland or Seattle, or even locals, want to have a product at Tetherow, but they want to be able to put it back in the rental pool,” van der Velde said last week.

Separate from the rentals, a collection of 12 smaller homes, known as “adventure cabins,” will be built adjacent to Deschutes National Forest land. Van der Velde said the two-bedroom cabins will be designed for retirees and other visitors looking for a smaller, more accessible getaway.

“I think there is some market for a small-footprint cabin,” van der Velde said. “They’re kind of tight and cozy.”

These new residences, which are each slated to be completed by summer, are designed to augment Tetherow’s existing selection of places for visitors to stay.

Tetherow, located southwest of Bend on Skyline Ranch Road, opened its golf course in 2008, along with a collection of townhomes, though a long-promised hotel was not completed until 2014. Van der Velde said the initial plan for the resort called for 210 townhomes, but the resort decided that would be repetitive and that a combination of options would bring a more diverse mix of sizes and styles to the resort.

Alana Hughson, president and CEO of the Central Oregon Visitors Association, said the market is continuing to shift toward vacation rentals, which she said tend to be popular for intergenerational families.

“They want to continue to be positioned as a full-service destination,” Hughson said of Tetherow.

In addition to the new residences, Tetherow has started work on an event pavilion and a small fitness center containing a solar-heated indoor pool. While the resort is still deciding on what amenities the fitness center would include, van der Velde said there would be a sauna, as well as a cafe and wine bar that would augment the resort’s two full-service restaurants.

“We already have the capacity for those two restaurants, plus the catering,” van der Velde said. “And once these (vacation rentals) are built out, I think this will be a very vital option.”

The 3,600-square-foot event pavilion will be for weddings, conferences and other events between 50 and 100 people. Van der Velde said it would be designed with wide windows facing the mountains to maximize its natural location. Van der Velde said the pavilion should be completed by summer 2016.

“We have a wedding on July 3, so we have to get it done quickly,” van der Velde said.

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