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Feb. 22, 2019

Oregon Sends Statewide Rent Control Bill to Final Vote

Learn more about the Oregon rent control bill heading to the final vote in February.

The biggest news in the Oregon real estate and property management industries comes in a proposed bill that would enact statewide rent control. If Senate Bill 608 receives final approval, Oregon would be the first state to enact statewide rent control. The bill received approval first in the Senate by a vote of 17-11 and also from the House of Human Services and the Housing Committee by a vote of 6-3. It now moves on to the full House. A floor vote could come as early as next week according to Committee chair Alissa Keny-Guyer, D-Portland.

Senate Bill 608 Details

Senate Bill 608 will affect both homeowners and renters throughout the state. The bill itself caps rent increases at 7 percent, plus the annual increase in the consumer price index, inflation. This bill exempts buildings less than 15 years old and also prohibits landlords from evicting tenants for no reason after they have lived in a unit for 12 months or more. This bill includes an emergency clause, which means if Governor Kate Brown signs, as expected, this bill comes law immediately.

Landlords would be free to raise rent without caps if a renter leaves of their own accord. Subsidized rent would also be exempt if Senate Bill 608 becomes law.

Background on Rent Control

Currently, only four states have cities with rent control in place and many states prohibit it. Rent control remains a controversial topic, as some research shows strict rent control to reduce the supply of rentals, which drives up rents in the long run. The proposed cap would be much higher than typical of cities with rent control. Many California communities with rent control report rents only rising by the rate of inflation, or a fraction of it, each year. For Western states, the annual increase ranged from just under 1 percent to 3.6 percent over the past five years.

The Bulletin reports that there were cases when rents rose by hundreds of dollars and in some cases doubled overnight across the state. The bill comes as an effort to stabilize rents and give rents predictability. The intent of the bill is to provide renters with stability while limiting the impact on the supply of rental homes. One concern comes from economic research that shows rent control reducing investment in housing. In other instances, rent control saw landlords converting rental properties into condos or redeveloping the property, resulting in higher rents due to diminishing supply.

Bend currently requires landlords to give tenants 90 days’ notice of a rent increase if they have been living in the rental home for more than a year.

Oregon Statewide Rent Control Bill

Where do you stand on the issue of statewide rent control? As a homeowner, landlord or property owner, does the impending statewide rent control bill in Oregon play into your future plans to purchase or sell rental property real estate? We’d love to hear more about your thoughts on the issue of rent control and how you think the passing of this law will play out in the Central Oregon real estate and rental markets. Let us know in the comments how you’re leaning on this controversial topic and what adjustments you’d like to see to the proposed law.

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Feb. 6, 2019

Tuttle and Tuttle Group Elevates Real Estate Marketing with New Website

new Tuttle and Tuttle bend realtor website

Tuttle and Tuttle Group proudly announces the launch of our new, user-focused website. Scott, Jordan and I look forward to better serving our real estate clients in Central Oregon with an improved website with advanced search capabilities for our users. The launch of our new website makes it easier to search for homes sale in Central Oregon, read quality blog content about the industry and trends in our community as well as provides sellers with an excellent resource as they prepare to list their home.

Advantages for Central Oregon Home Search

The launch of the new Tuttle and Tuttle Group website came as a result of our dedication to helping unite the right homes with the right buyers. Having a user-friendly website for our clients to easily navigate stood out as a priority for our business and we hope you’ll take the time to explore the functionality as you search for luxury real estate in Bend, Sunriver, Redmond and all throughout Central Oregon. Quickly search available real estate by area — from Bend’s westside to waterfront properties in Sunriver.

Tuttle and Tuttle Group has always focused our efforts on providing outstanding customer service and the launch of our new website furthers that mission. We specialize in waterfront, golf course, luxury homes and resort properties and our new website makes it simple for home searchers to find available properties within these categories. The layout of the listings provides large, beautiful photographs that give you an idea of what you can expect from life in your new home.

After finding an extraordinary home you’d like to call your own, use helpful website tools designed to make your experience great. Use the Mortgage Calculator and find out what your estimated monthly payment could be for the Central Oregon home of your dreams. Along with a new website, we’re also pleased to debut which a refreshed, updated logo that speaks to our mission and dedication to the Central Oregon community.

Advantages for Central Oregon Home Sellers

The new Tuttle and Tuttle Group website offers Central Oregon home sellers a variety of resources, including the ultimate marketing tool for selling your home. Our updated website includes beautiful listings, which highlight your home in an aesthetically pleasing way to attract potential buyers. The advanced search tools make it easy for buyers to find your property and the attractive layout showcases your home.

For homeowners considering the sale of their home in Central Oregon, we have a tool that creates custom market reports specific to your city, area and subdivision. Get an insider’s view into home sale trends in your neighborhood and what you can expect when listing your home with Tuttle and Tuttle Group. Fill out a simple form on our website with your address and instantly find out your property value.

Find Your Dream Home in Central Oregon

Scott, Jordan and I proudly perform at the top of the Central Oregon real estate market through all conditions, which make us the clear choice to help you buy or sell your home. Use our newly redesigned website to search for Central Oregon real estate for sale by category or subdivision. With our quick area searches and interactive tools, you can find your dream home and connect with personable and qualified realtors to help make homeownership your reality. We look forward to serving your Central Oregon home buying and selling needs now and into the future. Welcome to Central Oregon. Welcome to Tuttle and Tuttle Group.

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Jan. 24, 2019

Telecommuters Choose to Live in Bend, OR For Quality of Life

telecommuting in bend oregon

The Bend Bulletin recently published an article describing Bend as the nation’s leader in telecommuting. Bend and Central Oregon have already been established as a hotbed for remote workers and studies show that 12.1 percent of Bend’s workforce telecommutes according to the latest U.S. Census estimates. Many remote workers in Central Oregon either strike out on their own or bring remote jobs with them. As you can imagine, high quality of life typically rises as one of the primary reasons remote workers choose to telecommute and Bend offers an unparalleled lifestyle.

The Draw For Remote Workers

Remote workers have the pleasure of working from home, from coffee shops or in coworking spaces found throughout thriving urban areas. Data shows that Oregon leads the country in workforce telecommuting with Colorado ranking second. These states share similar climates and attractions that add up to a high quality of life, which makes the draw to these places clear.

Telecommuting offers workers fewer distractions than a typical office setting, which increases employee efficiency and productivity. Workers adjust their personal schedules and mental and physical well-being to optimize productivity. Remote workers in Bend save time (and gas money and the environment) by eliminating commutes and driving less. Working remote can also lead to higher morale and lower stress levels.

What draws remote workers to Bend and Central Oregon? The lifestyle and high quality of life, of course! Imagine waking up early, getting in a few turns up at Mt. Bachelor and then returning home to your cozy home office with your canine companion by your side. The outdoors and the endless opportunities for recreation draw in residents to live in Bend. For workers lucky enough to work for a company that permits telecommuting, no longer are they restricted to urban sprawl, long commutes, and big cities without a world-class ski resort in their backyard.

Bend Oregon Coworking Spaces

Not every Bendite has the luxury of a home office and others thrive on community. Telecommuters in Bend have a variety of options when it comes to connecting with other remote workers and people in the community. Coworking spaces have become an increasingly popular way to work remote — giving you the luxury of achieving the high quality of life you’ve been dreaming of while still getting up and going into an office setting.

BendTech — This nonprofit coworking space located on Bend’s westside offers desks and offices for rent and also hosts regular meetups and panel discussions. BendTech has 160 members working remotely and acts as a hub for telecommuters — even those sticking to their home offices.

9th Street Village — You’ll find 9th Street Village in southeast Bend next to the DIY Cave and the Bright Place Gallery. 9th Street Village has small offices and two different types of desks available for rent on a monthly basis. The building is also home to one of Bend’s newest breweries, Bevel Brewing, which adds to the Bend lifestyle you crave. Soon you’ll be able to work remote and walk steps to enjoy a craft beverage in a welcoming environment of makers, artists and more.

The Wilds — The Wilds offers coworking spaces for creatives, catering specifically to artists, designers, writers, photographers, and other creative workers. Working in a coworking space like The Wilds eliminates the distractions of working from a coffee shop and includes group lunches and great people in the Century Center on Bend’s westside.

Find Your Dream Home Office

Bend draws in remote workers from many different industries — not just creatives and the technically inclined. You moved to, or want to move to, Bend for the quality of life and now you just have to find the perfect home with the ideal home office environment to foster your productivity. The Bend housing market includes an array of homes in vibrant and active neighborhoods. From the secluded, country homestead in Sunriver to a trendy modern abode in the heart of Northwest Crossing, the team at Tuttle and Tuttle Group can assist you in finding a home with the perfect home office for your telecommuting lifestyle.

Contact us to learn more about telecommuting in Bend and how you can find the perfect home office to meet your remote working needs. We love uniting the right people with the right homes in this stunning Pacific Northwest wonderland we call home.

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Jan. 19, 2019

The Curtain Rises on Bend Property

As the spotlight shines on the Bend property stage an eager audience leans in. Imagination takes hold at the Tower Theatre where the spirit of community theater thrives. The calendar is filled with a variety of programs including plays, concerts, lectures and film. Both laugh out loud and dramatic moments are commonplace in the building. Actors provide first class performances in a variety of genres pleasing to one and all.

This piece of Bend real estate boasts a rich history. The doors first opened to audiences in the 1940’s. Generations have attended cinematic movies and stage shows. Fully renovated in 2004 advancements were made in sound systems, the orchestra pit, box seats and lobby design.

The Spotlight Shines on Bend Real Estate

Working off a belief that “performing arts strengthens our community and improves our lifestyle” educational programs are in the forefront. Introduction to theater arts takes place in the form of classes, workshops and family friendly performances. Oregon students benefit from shows in house as well as in the local schools. Performances interweave educational subjects into their scripts such as history, science and culture. Performing arts workshops take place at Mountain View High School and feature dance, voice and music. The Tower Theater Family Series puts on family friendly productions that are affordable for everyone. General admission is only $4 for individuals and $12 for families.

Memberships to the Tower Theatre are perfect for theater buffs living in Bend. Perks include advanced ticket sales, complimentary beverages, performer meet and greets and access to the VIP Membership room. Additional information regarding membership opportunities can be obtained by calling 541.977.6300.

Visits to the Tower Theatre are great for date nights and special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Add a bite to eat before or after the showing makes for a perfect trip. Downtown Bend property restaurants and eateries are scattered about nearby providing an array of culinary choices for almost any palate. Tickets can be purchased at the Tower Theatre Box office which is open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.


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Jan. 17, 2019

Redmond Property Rocks

Redmond property stretches above the treetops and soars into the sky at Smith Rock State Park. An exhilarating and peaceful haven for hikers, climbers, mountain bikers and nature loving folks alike this recreational oasis is open year round.

About 650 acres of terrain await with elevations of 3,000 feet. Amazing geological features call out to the rock hound in all of us. Sensational views including towering peaks and deep river canyons. Hikers and mountain bikers find hundreds of miles of trails to seek out adventures on. While on the trails a variety of wildlife can be spotted. Birdwatchers gaze up to the skies and feel lucky when spotting golden eagles and prairie hawks. And those with quiet footsteps may come across mule deer on the pathways. Mountain climbers come from all over to achieve new heights at Smith Rock State Park. Thousands of climbing points are scattered all over the landscape with many being bolted as well.

Touch the Sky when Living in Redmond

Daredevils living in Redmond almost touch the sky. Over 35 slacklines are placed between spires in Smith Rock State Park enticing the bravest of souls to come and partake. Many get together at the Annual Highline Festival which has been bringing slack liners together since 2012. It’s best to check latest on established highlines in the park as many are periodically closed due to raptor nesting.

There’s nothing better than sleeping under the stars and campers pitch tents in the Bivy Campground. Amenities include showers, restrooms and the Smith Rock Little Free Library where readers leave books for fellow bookworms. A recharging station caters to today’s technical needs and quiet time is set in place from 10pm to 7am. Pets are welcome too but must remain leashed.

Redmond property owners often help to keep Smith Rock State Park in tip top shape. Volunteers keep it real during the Annual Spring Thing. Hundreds journey into the park to work on popular trails, rebuild rock walls, fix fencing and more. Workers are repaid in kind with free camping, raffles, dinner and a fun filled auction. Snacks, water, sunscreen and supplies are provided. Check here for more information and plan to lend a hand in the future.


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Jan. 15, 2019

Hit Your Stride on a Sunriver Property Golf Course

Golf games are something to brag about when played on a Sunriver property golf course. At the Sunriver Resort four state of the art courses provide stimulating and diversified play. The Sunriver Resort strives to present only the highest quality of amenities from dining to spa treatments and accomodations. The golf courses keep true to form impressing one and all that step foot on the grounds.

Rivers run through it on the Crosswater Course. Sensational scenery sets the stage for this critically acclaimed course. Declared as one of “America’s 100 Greatest Courses” by Golf Digest this Bob Cupp designed course aims to please. The Little Deschutes and Deschutes Rivers flow through the landscape surrounded by acres of woodlands and preserved wetlands. Each hole has a variety of tee placements making play perfect for all levels of athletes.

Scenic Settings Inspire Golfers from Sunriver Homes

Beloved by locals the Meadows Course is set against the great Sun River. Stunning views of Mt. Bachelor provide inspiration and encourage great shots on the Par 72 course. Designed by renowned architect John Fought the Meadows showcases Ponderosa and Lodgepole Pines. Several championships have been played here in style including the NCAA Mens Division I Championship Tournament. A nine hole putting course is also onsite at the Meadows Course which is great for a quick practice round.

Deep bunkers, water features and lava rock outcroppings are characteristics of the championship Woodlands Course. Top rated in the state, golfers from across the country venture to this part of the Sunriver property. Expertly crafted by Robert Trent Jones, Jr., a Par 72 layout is creatively designed. State of the art equipment is available in the Woodlands Pro Shop with experts standing by to lend an ear and offer advice. Caldera Links is the perfect place on the grounds to get in the game. Nine holes welcome even those who are new to the sport. Also designed by Bob Cupp, this little course offers up fine bouts of play.

Newcomers can learn all about the fundamentals of golf in the Golf Academy. PGA caliber tuteredge is presented with private or group lessons. Youngsters can get in the swing of things also with junior programs. Residents living in Sunriver homes enjoy all of the perks of the Sunriver Resort in addition to the great golf courses. Stop in and see what it's all about.


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Jan. 9, 2019

PENDING IN ONE DAY – 19705 Aspen Meadow, Bend


Aspen Rim charmer with many mature pine trees. an open floor plan, large great room full of natural light, three spacious bedrooms upstairs, beautiful kitchen, stainless appliances. Fully fenced and located in sought-after Aspen Rim which boasts a huge park, outdoor fireplace, pavilion, playground area, swimming pool, river trails and only a few minutes to the Old Mill District. Completely landscaped.

Dec. 30, 2018

Tuttle and Tuttle Proudly Introduces Real Estate Broker Jordan Bailey

The team at Tuttle and Tuttle proudly introduces the third member of our Central Oregon real estate group — Jordan Bailey. Before getting her real estate license, Jordan spent time working in the title and escrow industry. This has given her a valuable understanding of the full life of a transaction from start to finish.

Sunriver and Bend Real Estate Broker

As a real estate broker, Jordan loves the chance to be a part of someone’s story. Whether buying or selling a home, this huge financial milestone can often be a very emotional transaction. Being included in someone’s sale of purchase is an intimate relationship and Jordan always feels honored to be involved.

“I love hearing people’s stories. I have helped a broad range of clients from first time home buyers to vacation property owners and no two stories are the same.”

Jordan loves being a part of the Tuttle and Tuttle team, considering it both a privilege and an honor. She cites our experience in the industry and insight as invaluable — learning so much working with the best in the business. In addition to being a part of the Tuttle and Tuttle team, Jordan proudly hangs her license with Cascade Sotheby’s. The Sotheby’s reputation throughout the world for luxury service at every price point, the brand recognition, resources for herself and her sellers truly set the company apart.

Working throughout Central Oregon, Jordan specializes in selling acreage and waterfront property. Having a home with acreage is a personal passion of Jordan’s as well as her lifestyle. Jordan keeps an office in the Sunriver Village and does a lot of second home business, which she finds to always be joyful.

At Home in Central Oregon

Jordan loves Central Oregon for many of the same reasons as the many people who come here. Her family, which includes her husband and four children, is big on skiing and they love the fact that we have Mt. Bachelor right in our backyard. She loves outdoor recreation, hiking, paddle boarding, and running with their two dogs. Jordan also loves the food and live music scene in Bend.

“I love people finding homes here because Bend is full of people who love living here. If they’re relocating from out of the area, they’re generally so excited to finally be able to call Central Oregon home and for the move-up buyers, they are typically super joyful already about living here.”

In her free time, Jordan spends a lot of time chasing her kids around, volunteering at their schools, chauffeuring them to gymnastics and the skate park. She and her family spend as much time as they can up at the mountain during ski season. They are active in their church and Jordan enjoys singing with the band there every weekend. Jordan and her family live on a few acres outside of Tumalo and enjoy the space with their dogs, cats and chickens. Watching the sunset behind the three sisters mountains from her back deck is one of her favorite things.

Share Your Story with Jordan

Jordan Bailey comes to the Tuttle and Tuttle team with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the entire lifecycle of a real estate transaction. She loves being a part of your story when it comes to this huge financial milestone. We’re excited to have Jordan on the Tuttle and Tuttle team and encourage you to reach out to her when seeking a Bend real estate broker for assistance in buying or selling a home in Central Oregon.

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Dec. 23, 2018

Robyn Tuttle Elected to COAR Board of Directors 2019

The Tuttle and Tuttle team is proud to announce that real estate broker Robyn Tuttle has been elected to the Central Oregon Association of Realtors (COAR) Board of Directors for 2019. Robyn will be representing Sunriver on the board, which serves area realtors by maintaining ethical standards, providing continuing education, promoting the value of realtors, and advocating on behalf of the real estate industry. Robyn previously served as the Sunriver Director as well as the State Director.

About COAR

COAR acts as the voice of the real estate industry in Central Oregon, serving Deschutes, Crook, Jefferson and Harney counties. Robyn’s ethics and mission fall in line with that of COAR with their shared belief that we can build better communities by supporting quality growth and sustainable economies and housing opportunities. COAR is an affiliate of the Oregon Association of Realtors (OAR) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Currently, COAR includes 1,900 active realtors and 100 affiliate companies. While all realtors must be licensed by the state, those with membership in COAR adhere to a more stringent code of conduct.

Sunriver Director Robyn Tuttle

Robyn brings a wealth of experience in the real estate industry to the Central Oregon Association of Realtors. Her extensive business background in the real estate industry brings value and a different component to the board. During her time as the Sunriver Director in 2013-2014, Robyn worked to bring more information and education to the body of realtors in Central Oregon. Robyn regularly attends COAR educations events in order to further her own skills and help build up other realtors in the community.

In addition to real estate, Robyn is an active member of the Central Oregon community. She actively participates in the Sunriver Women’s Group, which is engaged in philanthropic endeavors providing social and community enrichment to Sunriver and Three Rivers South communities. Robyn also engages with the community through the annual Sunriver Art Fair, with all funds raised going to families of Three Rivers South, just outside of Sunriver, the First Friday Art Walk in Bend and area events throughout Central Oregon.

Robyn believes that personality traits are often a reflection of our history and experiences. While achieving executive-level management status with Fortune 500 companies, Robyn effectively learned skills in the areas of finance, sales, marketing, market analysis and effective communication. When the Tuttle family made the decision to relocate to Central Oregon from Portland in 2009, Robyn took her real estate industry skills to her new role as a top performing member of the Tuttle and Tuttle team at Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty.

Please join us in congratulating Robyn Tuttle on her recent election to the Central Oregon Association of Realtors’ Board of Directors representing Sunriver. We look forward to having Robyn’s experience, voice and passion on the Board representing realtors in Sunriver and all throughout Central Oregon.

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Nov. 26, 2018

Time to Invest — Redmond Housing Market Continues to Thrive

Downtown Redmond Oregon

A recent article published in The Bulletin reported that the Redmond housing market continues to thrive with the median home price up 8.14% from the previous year. As personal investors in the Redmond housing market, we wanted to share with you why now is a great time to buy a home in this up and coming area. Redmond, which lies less than 20 miles from Bend, offers potential residents a warm and welcoming community with a population just over 27,000. Area builders have turned to Redmond where costs are lower than Bend in hopes that buyers follow.

A Glance at the Redmond Housing Market

According to the article published by The Bulletin, the Redmond area, which includes Terrebonne and Crooked River Ranch, saw the median sales price rose to $309,701, up 8.14% from the prior year. At the end of the third quarter, the median home price in Bend rose 4.93% from the same time in 2017 to $435,000. With a median home price difference of more than $100,000, the Redmond area becomes more and more attractive to builders and home buyers.

New home construction accounted for a larger share of sales in the Redmond housing market than Bend. Hayden Homes was responsible for more than a third of the new home sales in Redmond. Hayden Homes accounts for four neighborhoods in Redmond — Emerald View, Maple Meadows, Obsidian and Brooktree — making them the largest builder in town. Additionally, the first phase of construction as Dry Canyon Village, a master-planned community with more than 500 homes, is already underway. The city also approved Canyon Ridge, a development with more than 200 single-family homes, duplexes, townhomes and cottages.

At the end of the third quarter of 2017, 660 home sales occurred in Redmond, with 723 in 2018. The average number of days on the market also decreased from 110 to 106 in the Redmond housing market. Financially speaking, Redmond appears to be an attractive location for both individuals looking to purchases primary homes, as well as for investors.

Why Move to Redmond, OR

Located less than 20 miles from Bend, Redmond provides residents with a lower cost of living than Bend while still placing you close to everything that draws people to Central Oregon. Breweries? Check. Mountains and outdoor recreation? Check. Beautiful, well-constructed homes? Check. Easy access to a regional airport? You bet.


Central Oregon has cemented itself as a craft brewing Mecca and Redmond includes some of the area’s favorite taps. Cascade Lakes Brewing Company opened their doors in 1994, making them one of the oldest breweries in Central Oregon. Since then, several other breweries call Redmond home. Smith Rock Brewing Company opened in 2012 and since then has become a local’s favorite for beers like their Misery Ridge IPA. Wild Ride Brewing Co. opened their doors in 2014 and opened an expansive tasting room with a patio that has become a popular downtown destination in Redmond. Silver Moon Brewing may have their primary location and pub in Bend, but in 2016 they expanded brewing to Redmond.

Mountains and Outdoor Recreation

Located only nine miles from Redmond, one of Central Oregon’s most popular and cherished destination can be found. Make the short drive (or ride your road bike!) to Smith Rock State Park and enjoy exploring this natural treasure. Smith Rock has become a valued destination for rock climbers, hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders and slackliners. Hike up Misery Ridge, which isn’t as daunting as it sounds, and enjoy stunning views of the Cascade mountain range and Monkeyface.

Mountain bikers love living, playing and riding in Redmond. In addition to trails at Smith Rock State Park, riders of all levels can find their favorite destination to throw up some dirt at the Northeast Redmond Trail Complex (The Radlands), the Maston Trails near Cline Butte and near the summit of Grey Butte.

Access to Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM)

For many potential residents, access to a regional airport comes as a standard requirement. The Redmond Municipal Airport (Robert’s Field – RDM) flies to destinations all over the west including direct flights to Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Denver. The Redmond airport includes a newly expanded state-of-the-art terminal facility, runways and taxiways. Located two miles from downtown Redmond, traveling has never been easier. Cut back on your commute time by living only a few minutes from the airport. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, you’ll love returning home from a flight and being able to be home in your own bed in no time at all.

Invest in Redmond Real Estate

Scott and I live in Bend, but own investment property in Redmond. We believe Redmond is a great place to invest and shows promise as an up and coming Central Oregon destination. Whether you plan on moving to Redmond full time or you are considering buying a home to use as a rental property, we can assist you in finding the perfect home to meet your needs. Owning a rental home in Redmond can be a great revenue stream for potential investors considering the strong growth in the area year after year.

Contact Tuttle and Tuttle for more information on the Redmond housing market and purchasing an investment property in the Central Oregon region.

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