telecommuting in bend oregon

The Bend Bulletin recently published an article describing Bend as the nation’s leader in telecommuting. Bend and Central Oregon have already been established as a hotbed for remote workers and studies show that 12.1 percent of Bend’s workforce telecommutes according to the latest U.S. Census estimates. Many remote workers in Central Oregon either strike out on their own or bring remote jobs with them. As you can imagine, high quality of life typically rises as one of the primary reasons remote workers choose to telecommute and Bend offers an unparalleled lifestyle.

The Draw For Remote Workers

Remote workers have the pleasure of working from home, from coffee shops or in coworking spaces found throughout thriving urban areas. Data shows that Oregon leads the country in workforce telecommuting with Colorado ranking second. These states share similar climates and attractions that add up to a high quality of life, which makes the draw to these places clear.

Telecommuting offers workers fewer distractions than a typical office setting, which increases employee efficiency and productivity. Workers adjust their personal schedules and mental and physical well-being to optimize productivity. Remote workers in Bend save time (and gas money and the environment) by eliminating commutes and driving less. Working remote can also lead to higher morale and lower stress levels.

What draws remote workers to Bend and Central Oregon? The lifestyle and high quality of life, of course! Imagine waking up early, getting in a few turns up at Mt. Bachelor and then returning home to your cozy home office with your canine companion by your side. The outdoors and the endless opportunities for recreation draw in residents to live in Bend. For workers lucky enough to work for a company that permits telecommuting, no longer are they restricted to urban sprawl, long commutes, and big cities without a world-class ski resort in their backyard.

Bend Oregon Coworking Spaces

Not every Bendite has the luxury of a home office and others thrive on community. Telecommuters in Bend have a variety of options when it comes to connecting with other remote workers and people in the community. Coworking spaces have become an increasingly popular way to work remote — giving you the luxury of achieving the high quality of life you’ve been dreaming of while still getting up and going into an office setting.

BendTech — This nonprofit coworking space located on Bend’s westside offers desks and offices for rent and also hosts regular meetups and panel discussions. BendTech has 160 members working remotely and acts as a hub for telecommuters — even those sticking to their home offices.

9th Street Village — You’ll find 9th Street Village in southeast Bend next to the DIY Cave and the Bright Place Gallery. 9th Street Village has small offices and two different types of desks available for rent on a monthly basis. The building is also home to one of Bend’s newest breweries, Bevel Brewing, which adds to the Bend lifestyle you crave. Soon you’ll be able to work remote and walk steps to enjoy a craft beverage in a welcoming environment of makers, artists and more.

The Wilds — The Wilds offers coworking spaces for creatives, catering specifically to artists, designers, writers, photographers, and other creative workers. Working in a coworking space like The Wilds eliminates the distractions of working from a coffee shop and includes group lunches and great people in the Century Center on Bend’s westside.

Find Your Dream Home Office

Bend draws in remote workers from many different industries — not just creatives and the technically inclined. You moved to, or want to move to, Bend for the quality of life and now you just have to find the perfect home with the ideal home office environment to foster your productivity. The Bend housing market includes an array of homes in vibrant and active neighborhoods. From the secluded, country homestead in Sunriver to a trendy modern abode in the heart of Northwest Crossing, the team at Tuttle and Tuttle Group can assist you in finding a home with the perfect home office for your telecommuting lifestyle.

Contact us to learn more about telecommuting in Bend and how you can find the perfect home office to meet your remote working needs. We love uniting the right people with the right homes in this stunning Pacific Northwest wonderland we call home.