After reading the title of this blog, you may find yourself wondering, “Why shouldn’t I choose a Bend OR real estate agent off of Zillow?” What could the harm be? What differences are there between realtors that reading reviews online wouldn’t give me? Choosing a realtor off of Zillow for Bend OR takes the human element out of home buying and selling.

Beyond providing shelter, our homes create the setting where we develop and connect with other people. For many, finding their next home means finding the place where their child or grandchild may take their first steps. Where you share stories and bottles of wine. Where life happens. Sometimes you may luck out by searching for a realtor on Zillow for Bend OR and find that the person with the most reviews will be the perfect match for your needs. On the other hand, choosing a real estate agent on Zillow may not lead to your dream home with the best possible buying or selling experience.

Why Work With Tuttle and Tuttle Instead of Finding a Realtor on Zillow for Bend OR

When it comes to selecting a realtor to help you buy or sell your next home, the human element plays a large role. You’ll be interacting with this person or team to handle the sale or purchase of one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime. Beyond how you get along with and communicate with a realtor, their experience speaks volumes. At Tuttle and Tuttle, Scott and I both bring long careers in finance and the title and escrow industries to the table.

We have a long-standing connection to Central Oregon — we were married in Sunriver in 1991 and were able to purchase a second home in the area in 2004. We relocated to Central Oregon full-time in 2009 and decided to use our collective experience in real estate to the help Central Oregon residents find their dream homes in Bend and Sunriver. Every year since 2014, Scott and I have been in the top 2% of all real estate sales in Central Oregon.

Searching for a realtor on Zillow for Bend may help you find a real estate agent, but when you choose to work with Tuttle and Tuttle, you benefit from our combined experience in finance, marketing, negotiation and a cultivated love for Central Oregon and knowledge of the area. We encourage you to reach out, talk to us on the phone, meet us in person and work with us to establish the true connection you seek in a broker-client relationship.

Reviews for Tuttle and Tuttle

Don’t just take our word for it. We have been able to help buyers and sellers throughout the Central Oregon region. With 12 new people moving to Central Oregon daily, many of our clients come from out of town and typically don’t have an established relationship with a broker in the area. We bring an elevated level of knowledge about the area and the Central Oregon real estate market to the table for our clients.

“Scott and Robin were such a pleasure to work with. We are from out of state and from the very first information call with Scott, we knew we had contacted an extremely knowledgeable realtor. Then, when we met him in person, we were so impressed with how informative he was and how much time he took with us. We felt we could trust him completely. His delightful associate Danielle drove us all around different properties and she quickly got a sense of what kind of property we were looking for. They kept us informed of all the properties for sale in Sunriver that fit our needs and within a few months, they found the perfect house for us. The whole process went very smoothly and quickly. They also had helpful recommendations for local companies who could help us with any improvements we wanted to make on the house. We would highly recommend them!”

Realtor Approved

We had the privilege of working with a couple in the real estate industry to assist in the selling of their old home and purchase of a new home. The couple couldn’t have been more pleased and would encourage you to work with the Tuttle and Tuttle team in the future.

“Scott and Robyn Tuttle, and their associate Jordan Bailey are the Dream Team for selling and buying real estate in Central Oregon. My husband and I are both in the real estate industry and get to witness first hand, the highs and lows of this field, which has the potential to make us tough clients to please. Our choice to work with Scott and Robyn was the best we could have made. From start to finish we were blown away by the kindness, knowledge, expertise, attention to detail and professionalism Robyn and Scott brought to the sale of our existing home, and purchase of our new home. We could not be more pleased with our experience, and will be referring everyone we know to the Tuttle & Tuttle Team!”

Choose the Right Partner

In a blog post published by Zillow (How to Find Your Perfect Real Estate Agent), they refer to their Agent Finder functionality as “a real estate Tinder.” At Tuttle and Tuttle, we don’t believe choosing a real estate agent comes down to the quick, aesthetics-only style of dating promoted by Zillow. Buying real estate is a major investment, one that takes time, consideration, research and a partner who will be there for you for the long haul. Choosing the person who helps you buy or sell your home shouldn’t come down to the fleeting feelings of the swipe culture. It anchors on experience, determination and true human connection.

Instead of relying on the snap decisions of swiping in the Tinder-style real estate Agent Finder functionality on Zillow for Bend, we encourage you to develop a true connection with a skilled agent. At Tuttle and Tuttle, we know that when it comes to buying your next home, you’re looking for an agent who understands the long-term relationship you want to have with this piece of property. We specialize in uniting extraordinary homes with extraordinary people and would love to meet you in person to chat about your future.