Kayaking in Bend


Do you have a love for the fresh air and sunshine during the warm summer months? What about kayaking? If this sounds like you, you might want to check out these hot spots that are great for going out by yourself or taking the family on guided tours or lessons with some friendly faces.


The Deschutes River


The Deschutes River offers opportunities for mellow floaters and the more experienced. There are two distinctly different available routes you can take, one being for the casual floater and the other for those looking for a little more rough and technical ride.


Fish Ladder

Fish Ladder is mapped out specifically for the floaters who are looking to take the inflatable tubes out and splash some water on their friends while moseying on down the river. Kayaks are still more than welcome on this relaxed float. Most of the float is through calm and still waters but you will still find yourself riding down some slight rapids. Nothing that will knock you off kilter but rather adds a little excitement to the experience.

The float itself will take you just around 90 minutes.


Directions to and from the float can be found here:

Directions to Fish Ladder

Whitewater Channel

For those looking for a little rougher and faster time on the water, the Whitewater Channel is the spot. The features of the river were created by 26 underwater pneumatic bladders, natural and man made riverbed conditions and dynamic river flows.


Directions to and from the float can be found here:

How to Get to The Bend Whitewater Park


Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe

Looking for someone to show you around? Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe is the place to go not only for guided tours and equipment rentals but for all things Tumalo Creek. The employees are a wealth of knowledge and are ready to help answer any questions that might come up. Go get some gear and get the real kayaking experience from the professionals.


Bend Oregon, as you very well might know, is a town surrounded by all things nature. There are hundreds of acres of forest, rivers that run every which way through the area, and more bodies of water than one can count. Finding a place to drop your kayak, stand up paddle board, or canoe has never been easier. Central Oregon is truly a special place for those who have a connection to nature. So to those warriors of the rapids, welcome to your next favorite destination.