A wonderful new project is coming to NorthWest Crossing, Bend, Oregon.  Fremont Row.  It’s slated to have two buildings with five ground floor retail store fronts.  I’m hoping for a great new restaurant, spa and something fun for children, since NorthWest Crossing is so family friendly.

The exciting part of this new development are the condo’s. At this time we are told there will be six two bedroom condominiums above the store fronts. The majority of which will have living space on the main level and the master on the top floor.  There will be 8 foot windows with views to the west.  The residence should be roughly 1200 square feet.  Please give us a call for more information as to starting prices.

NorthWest Crossing in Bend is such a pedestrian friendly community, along with being a warm and inviting place for all.  We are thrilled for the expansion of a community that already has so much to offer.

The project was scheduled to begin in January of 2017, although this may change due to the very heavy snow fall.

Look forward to more conversations regarding NorthWest Crossing and Freemont Row in Bend, Oregon!

Scott and Robyn Tuttle