4th of July in Sunriver


There’s nothing quite like spending time in Sunriver. The sounds of birds chirping and twigs breaking as dear and other worldly creatures run through the town. Smells of ponderosa pine ruminating throughout the streets while friendly faces are waiting around every corner. Now add to this warm and inviting environment the festivities of 4th of July.


Independence Day Celebration in the Village at Sunriver - 10:30am - 4:00pm

57100 Beaver Dr. Sunriver OR


The Village at Sunriver transforms itself for a day into a myriad of fun activities, sights, and sounds.


A stage will be brought into the courtyard where live music and entertainment will be going all day. You can even be apart of the live entertainment by entering into a watermelon eating contest. How much can you eat?


Tents and booths of local treats and experiences will be lined up throughout the village while you’ll even be able to inspect cool fire trucks and police vehicles while meeting all the local police officers and firefighters (be ready for lots of stickers and great picture opportunities)!


Finally, test your skills and challenge your friends and family to a rock climbing contest. That’s right! A rock climbing wall will be brought into the main square for all ages to climb around on.


There will also be loads of other fun activities and games setup all throughout the village and will be open for business for the whole day.


The event is free to attend and the activities are $1 per ticket.